BT Sculpt Dermalogica Facial

BT Sculpt Dermalogica Facial. Powered by the newest, compact handheld machine from microcurrent pioneer Bio-Therapeutic; BT Sculpt facial is a revolutionary new facial, which using microcurrent toning technology that delivers the ultimate results in skin fitness, with professional grade lifting and firming. BT Sculpt is a patented, pre-programmed Suzuki Sequencing compact handheld machine that is the result of 50 years’ experience as the leader in microcurrent technology.

BT Sculpt energizes the skin and safely stimulates the facial topography into a more firm, lifted appearance.

The BT Sculpt features a unique, self tensioning K4iTEKTM probe system that provides a gentle lifting motion to the skin. This precision lifting system, combined with the unique finish on the four probes, provides the ideal level of lift and tension to the skin surface for optimum facial results.

Innovatory microcurrent combined with professional Dermalogica products provides outstanding results in skin firming and toning.

Dermalogica BT Sculpt Facial